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Annual Big Brothers, Big Sisters Barbecue Cookoff Fest March 31st - April 1 2017

β€œThere is always a shortage of Big Brothers, so male volunteers are badly needed,”  β€œTo participate, volunteers must fill out an application and go through an extensive screening process before being assigned to a little brother or little sister. Volunteers typically spend two to three hours a week with their little brother or sister. To find out more or to volunteer, call the office at 843-662-7081. 

SCBA Marshal: Bill Pickle

SCBA Assist. Marshal: Harold Chandler



Big Brothers & Big Sisters BBQ Festival
2502 West Hillcrest Terrace
Florence, SC 29501
Organizer: Bobby Floyd, 843-667-9512,
Cell: 843-678-6215



Cooking with the SCBA in competition