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 2015 Standings



In 2011 the South Carolina Legislature designated the SCBA as the group that names the South Carolina State Barbeque Championship. The SCBA conducts a year-long contest running from January 1 to December 31 and each year the contest is held in over 35 different towns and cities across the state.

At each barbeque cook-off that is sanctioned by the SCBA each team that is entered receives a score and that score becomes their points to be totaled at the end of the year. A team may enter as many contests as they wish and their top twelve (12) scores are totaled to determine the winner of the state champion. If a team enters more than twelve events their lowest scores are dropped and only their top twelve scores are counted. That way a team need not win a first place in every contest but rather they may win a number of first, second, third place titles as well as other placings. Nevertheless, at the end of the year the team with the twelve highest scores is the obvious winner and is named the South Carolina State Barbeque Championship Team. Three places are awarded, first, first runner-up and second runner-up and there is a ceremony held each January at the State House in Columbia where trophies and checks are passed out to the winning teams.

This year-long, state-wide contest is the very best way to see which team is truly the state champion and it is an improvement over most other states that name a state champion if they only win one event one time. South Carolina was the first state in the nation to adopt this year-long, state-wide contest.

 2014 SCBA champion

Jeff Smith and Larry Bowling of Smokin’ Stacks BBQ Team, the 2014 State Grand Champions


Rank Team Name Total
1 Ultimate Tailgaters BBQ 15.7257
2 Backwoods BBQ 15.6929
3 In the Army Q 15.6000
4 Buckwheats BBQ 15.5643
5 J T's BBQ  15.4786
6 Doko Smoke  15.4571
7 Big Dicks BBQ 15.4357
8 Smokin' Stacks 15.4214
9 Blowin' Smoke LLC  15.4000
10 Smokin Sea Eagle  15.3714
11 Elite BQ Smokers  15.3529
12 Carolina Grill and Catering 15.3429
13 Monkey Bottom BBQ  15.1857
14 Palmetto Smokehouse 15.1786
15 Pair-O-Dice Pork Co. 15.0729
16 Carter Que-ing 15.0714
17 Yes, Dear BBQ 15.0000
18 Red Cup Q 14.9471
19 Porkin & Squealin  14.7643
20 Tri County BBQ Militia 14.7086
21 Q on Bay  14.7071
22 Smoker and the Bandits 14.4714
23 Carolina Smokin-Que/BBQ Connections 14.3143
24 New River Barbeque 14.2571
25 Beaufort Boys BBQ 14.0786
26 Carolina Smoke  13.7543


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