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If you would like to enter the exciting world of

South Carolina Barbeque 

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The South Carolina Barbeque Association is an organization of talented individuals who bring a world of experience to the barbeque scene.  We have everyone from award winning cook team captains, public relations personnel and computer geeks to lawyers, accountants, salesmen, professional chefs and retirees who have all discovered that there is really nothing more fun than attending barbeque cook-offs. If you want to be a part of a varied and colorful group of people who have come together to have fun and promote South Carolina barbeque, you can't do any better than joining the South Carolina Barbeque Association.  To get started on your own culinary adventures please click on the "Join Us" button on the left-hand side of this page.

The SCBA is also a training ground for SCBA Certified Judges.  We hold a judging seminar where barbeque enthusiasts are turned into SCBA Judges.  Our seminar is held each year in July in Columbia, South Carolina. If you would like to become a Certified Judge, please click on the "Certified Judge" button or the "Join Us"  button and send us your membership application with your name, address and email. You will be put you on the list for the next seminar and will be sent a written invitation with information as to when it will be held, the location, time, fees and so forth.  After you become an SCBA member you stay on the list for two years until you attend a seminar and become a judge.

The SCBA post barbeque events from around the state complete with date and place when the festivals update their new information.  Please click on the "Events Calendar" button to see what is up and coming. The SCBA is interested in all things barbeque so you may contact us about any barbeque subject but especially those that pertain to South Carolina.  Contact us using the e-mail address link below to send us a message.

For public relations help - and that includes television and radio interviews, help in setting up media shows, written material and so forth - your "go to" man in South Carolina is Lake E. High, Jr.  He is experienced in public relations, advertising and marketing and he is eager to help you with any barbeque project that includes South Carolina.  You may contact him by emailing him at Lhigh1@sc.rr.com. Lake will get back to you as soon as he can.

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